A Wide Variety of Salty Snacks, Hearty Comfort Foods and Delicious Desserts...

These are Not Your Ordinary Dieting Products

Ideal Protein’s products are NOT balanced meal replacements with equal amounts carbohydrates, fats and protein. A balanced diet may be good for weight maintenance, but to lose weight you have to limit components of your diet in order to facilitate fat loss. Ideal Protein’s medically developed weight loss method limits your consumption of fats and carbohydrates (sugars) thus attacking the root cause of weight gain....your body’s overproduction of insulin.

Losing weight isn’t the only great thing about Ideal Protein’s food program...our products taste great, they’re easy to make (or come ready to serve) and many of our products are conveniently packaged for easy consumption.

Contact our Nisswa clinic today and find out how you can get on the path to balanced living after dieting.

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